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‫”نمر مدراس” يحتل المركز الأول على مستوى العالم ويقتنص ذهبية بطولة العالم للشطرنج السريع لعام 2017

لندن، 29 ديسمبر 2017/ PRNewswire/ —

فيساوانثان آناند “Viswanathan Anand”  يهزم غريمه في النهائي في نهائي الجولات السريعة للبطولة، بينما تصدرت اللاعبة جو وينجون “ Ju Wenjun” مسابقة النساء لتتوج على رأس البطولة لعام 2017

تُوج اللاعب الهندي المخضرم فيساوانثان آناندى (الذي يفضل لقب “نمر مدراس”) على رأس مسابقة العالم للشطرنج أمس عقب فوزه بنهائي البطولة لعام 2017 والتي ضمت أفضل لاعبي الشطرنج على مستوى العالم، بينما تصل بطولة الملك سلمان العالمية المفتوحة للشطرنج الخاطف والسريع للرجال والنساء لعام 2017 إلى منتصفها.

بدأت الجولة الافتتاحية الثلاثاء الماضي في مركز الرياض الدولي للمؤتمرات والمعارض في قلب الرياض، في المملكة العربية السعودية.

استقبلت المملكة العربية السعودية اللاعبين واللاعبات من 55 دولة منهم 10 رجال و11 سيدة من أبرز الأسماء في عالم لعبة الشطرنج. في جولات سريعة اتسمت بالإثارة والمتعة، شهد عشاق لعبة الشطرنج عدد من اللقاءات المثيرة والمفاجآت خلال الجولات الافتتاحية.

لم يُهزم آناند على مدار الجولات التي استمرت ثلاثة أيام والتي تنافس فيها مع بعض من الأشخاص من ذوي أعلى معدلات الذكاء على مستوى العالم، والذي جعل من البطولة حدثًا لا يُنسى.

انتصر آناند على اللاعب فلاديمير فيدوسيف “Vladimir Fedoseev” (روسيا) 2- صفر في المباراة النهائية؛ كما أثار دهشة الحاضرين بفوزه على المصنف رقم 1 على العالم ماجنوس كارلسن “Magnus Carlsen” (النرويج)، في أكثر مباريات البطولة إثارة.

وقال المتألق آناند عقب اليوم النهائي للبطولة السريعة: “أشعر بسعادة بالغة. لقد كان هذا أمر غير متوقع، فأنا قد فزت بالعديد من مسابقات الشطرنج السريع ولكنني مؤخرًا كنت بدأت أشعر أن الأمر لم يعد مضمونًا كالسابق”

كذلك لم تخلو البطولة النسائية من اللحظات المثيرة؛ حيث هيمنت اللاعبة الصينية المخضرمة جو ون جيون “Ju Wenjun” على بطولة السيدات من البداية إلى النهاية، وحصلت على الميدالية الذهبية لتصبح اللاعبة الوحيدة التي تسجل معدل فوز 80٪.

ليس هناك شك في أن كلا من آناند وونجون سيكونان اللاعبان الأبرز في الجولات الخاطفة، التي ستبدأ اليوم. ومع ذلك، يبدو أن آناند يراقب بحرص زميله كارلسن “Carlsen”، المصنف رقم 1 على العالم. وأضاف آناند “بالطبع الفوز ببطولتين سيكون مغريًا جدًا، ولكن بالنسبة للاعب كماجنس “Magnus”، فهو لاعب عملاق؛ يفوز بالمباريات دون جهد يُذكر. إنه اللاعب المفضل ولكنني سأبذل قصارى جهدي للفوز بالبطولة الخاطفة.

الأمر الوحيد المؤكد هو توجه أنظار عشاق لعبة الشطرنج على مستوى العالم إلى المرحلة التالية من هذه المسابقة.

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المصدر: بطولة الملك سلمان العالمية المفتوحة للشطرنج الخاطف والسريع للرجال والنساء لعام 2017


While many people in Kuwait choose to have their coffee and leisure beverages at high-end cafes and malls, there are some who prefer the comfort of a traditional cafe, which still stands tall despite the passage of time.

Historically, traditional cafes were considered as hangouts for merchants and dhow captains; however, these places became more inclusive, allowing people from all walks of life to attend and have a good time.

“Traditional cafes were and still are simple and up to the point, providing clients with Arabic coffee and tea,” heritage researcher Mohammad Jamal told KUNA.

He indicated that by the early 1900s, traditional cafes started to offer cold beverages to customers.

Other than drinks, such cafes provided their own entertainment with music played on phonographs, in addition to card and traditional board games.

Jamal noted that most traditional cafes were situated near the old sea ports and the merchants market with the oldest one being cafe ‘Bu Nashi’, a Kuwaiti citizen with roots in Hassa region in modern day Saudi Arabia.

Other similar cafes began to sprout all over Kuwaitis since 1920s with several of them providing new services and brands of coffees and teas for clients, said Jamal.

Traditional cafes in Kuwait were sometimes the focal point for serious upheavals, said Jamal who pointed out that Suleiman Al-Shimaimri cafe, established in 1978, was the target of a terror attack in July 1985.

The attack, aimed at creating disunity in Kuwait, failed to achieve its goal due to the solidarity of the Kuwaiti people, affirmed Jamal.

Cafe owner Suleiman Al-Shimaimri died during the assault, noted Jamal.

Meanwhile, the heritage researcher indicated that modern cafes with a traditional feel have been established since the mid-1990s up to the early 2000s, a sign that no matter how much time passes, such facilities will remain as a stable of Kuwaiti culture and traditions

Source: NAM News Network

Al-Bashir thanks Kuwait for lifting US sanctions

Sudanese President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir on Sunday expressed anew gratitude for Kuwait’s diplomatic role for lifting US sanctions on his nation.

The curbs were lifted after the world acknowledged that Sudan “constituted a prime base for fighting terrorism,” said Al-Bashir in a speech marking the independence anniversary.

He thanked Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Oman and Arab Maghreb states for supporting African states, namely his nation.

Washington during era of ex-president Barack Obama partially lifted sanctions, slapped on Khartoum 20 years ago. The former US president, Bill Clinton, signed in 1997 an executive order barring any trade or transactions between US firms or individuals and Sudan.

Sudan in its foreign policy has remained committed to the international partnership for beefing up regional and international security and peace, combating terrorism, money laundering and human trafficking, he said.

On Yemen, he affirmed that Sudan’s participation in the operation for resorting legitimacy is in line with its adherence to renouncing terrorism and aggression.

Al-Bashir re-affirmed support for the Palestinian cause and rejecting the Israeli aggression on the Palestinian people.

Source: Kuwait News Agency

Abbas vows to foil “conspiracy Jerusalem”

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas pledged on Sunday to foil “the conspiracy against Jerusalem” and called for global support for the holy city cause.

“We will not allow whomever to undermine our rights and unwavering national principles,” Abbas said in a televised statement marking the 53rd anniversary of the Palestinian mainstream organization, Fatah.

The holy city is targeted with a major plot aimed at altering its identity and features, said Abbas, calling for support from all concerned powers across the globe. “East Jerusalem is the city of peace and will remain capital of the State of Palestine permanently,” Abbas stressed.

His remark is a renewed rejection of the recent dramatic announcement by the US Administration of Donald Trump “recognizing” Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

“We are facing a new challenge spearheaded by the United States of America with bias and support for Israel as an occupation force,” he said, assailing Washington’s recent decision as a breach of international law and legitimacy.

With this stance, Washington has lost its credibility as a mediator for peace, he re-emphasized, alluding to the Americans’ desire to hammer out a settlement between the Israelis and Palestinians.

The Central Council of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), which serves as the legislative assembly on behalf of the National Council, will hold an emergency session to discuss strategic issues namely plans to safeguard Jerusalem and rights of the Palestinian people.

Turning to Israel, the Palestinian president said “if you desire peace security and stability, you must end occupation of territories of the State of Palestine and withdraw to the 1967 demarcation line,” noting that Tel Aviv must recognize East Jerusalem as capital of the Palestinian State and resolve pending issues namely plights of the refugees and prisoners.

“We will neither accept the status quo nor the apartheid regime,” he said, indicating that he will not be complacent and continue to head “an authority void of authority.

“The occupation will not continue without liabilities and you must reconsider your policies and hostile measures against our people, territories and sanctities, before it’s too late.” Abbas vowed to continue efforts to reach conciliation among the Palestinians and establish a single authority.

During the ceremony, Abbas lit up a torch, marking launch of Fatah and the Palestinian revolution. He also laid a wreath at mausoleum of the late leader, Yasser Arafat. A number of officials and many people attended the gathering.

Meanwhile in Amman, Salim Al-Zaanoun, Chairman of the Palestinian National Council, confirmed that the Palestinian Central Council would hold its 28th session at the Palestinian authority headquarters in Ramallah on January 14-15.

Source: Kuwait News Agency

Arab Parl’t adopts work plan to lift Sudan from terrorism list

The Arab Parliament (AP) has adopted a work plan that will seek to see Sudan removed for the list of states sponsors of terrorism.

An ad hoc committee has been formed for the purpose, chaired by AP Speaker Dr. Meshal Al-Salmi.

According to the plan, the AP will move on the Arab, regional and international levels, focusing on Sudan’s active role on the three scenes, Al-Salmi.

He referred to Sudan’s efforts for combating terrorism, both in the Arab and Muslim world “as a pivotal state in the 41-nation Saudi-led Islamic Military Alliance against terrorism.” Sudan is also a member of the Arab Coalition Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen, and it cooperates effectively on the African and international scenes to combat terrorism, Al-Salmi said.

He pointed to Khartoum’s positive and active role for countering regional interference in the internal affairs of the Arab countries, as well as for achieving security and safety in Africa.

The AP will work in coordination with the Sudanese foreign ministry, the Sudanese National Assembly (parliament) and the Arab League, on the broad lines of AP’s moves

Source: Kuwait News Agency

Returning Migrants Start Over in Sierra Leone

According to a recent U.N. report, migration is on the rise. There are now an estimated 258 million people living in a country other than their country of birth. This has increased by almost half since the year 2000, the report says. Earlier this month 60 migrants returned from Libya to Sierra Leone with help from the International Organization for Migration, or IOM. Migrants from Kuwait were also returned earlier this year.

Mariama Ndow is one of hundreds of migrants who came back to Sierra Leone this year. She is relishing her freedom after having spent 10 months in Kuwait.

At first she thought she was going to work as a security guard. When she got there she was sold as a housekeeper through an agency to several families.

I was not happy in Kuwait… always, I was crying, everyday, when I remember home and my two kids, I cry everyday, she said.

She says she only got paid once the entire time she was there. And was forced to work almost 24 hours a day. When she got sick there was no sympathy.

“I don’t have choice, they [employer] will say ‘go and work, you are here to work, you don’t have to sit down and rest, we buy you for this job, you have to work,'” she said.

She managed to escape while the family was out one day. Through the help of a stranger on the streets of Kuwait, she was directed to The International Organization for Migration.

After several months in a shelter, she was brought back to Sierra Leone with the IOM’s assistance. It helped her reintegrate into society by providing financial compensation to set up a business. She now sells clothes and says it is enough to keep her going.

Abuse of migrants is happening in many places. Most recently in Libya there were allegations of migrants being sold in slave markets.

About 60 migrants were brought back through the IOM and the Sierra Leone government in mid-December and another group in late November.

Umaru Barrie is one of the migrants who just returned from Libya. He left Sierra Leone because he was jobless and homeless.

When my little money was finished, I didn’t have a place to stay, so sometimes I slept on the beach, sometimes I slept in the ghetto with the boys, he said.

Most migrants use Libya as a gateway to Europe. The United Nations estimates about 700,000 migrants are in Libya. Barrie says he wanted to stay in Libya but he soon realized life was not any better. He also describes not always getting paid for work. And his wife, who he met in Libya, often had payments withheld.

They eventually managed to get in touch with the IOM in Libya and started the process to be repatriated to Sierra Leone. Barrie, his wife and their son arrived in the early morning hours of December 14 on a chartered flight. It was bittersweet.

I don’t have money, but I’m ok, with my life, my family, said Barrie.

The IOM will also compensate Barrie and he is hoping to start up a business. For now, he is staying with his brother. And although it is tough starting over, yet again, he is grateful to be out if Libya and back in his country.

Source: Voice of America

Turkish pres. to visit France Fri.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is set to pay an official visit to France next Friday, a presidential spokesman said.

During his stay in Ankara, the Turkish president will discuss regional and bilateral issues with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, Ibrahim Kalin said in a statement.

They will also address Turkish-EU relations and regional issues, particularly Jerusalem, Syria, Iraq and the fight against terrorism, the spokesman added.

The President’s visit will serve to move Ankara’s cooperation with France even further for the benefit of both nations and the whole region, he said, considering Paris an important commercial and economic partner.

The Presidential spokesman noted that his country would continue dialogue with Paris regarding regional and international challenges.

Source: Kuwait News Agency