1st Political Mass Media Department in Middle East announced by Future University in Egypt

CAIRO, Sept. 1, 2015 / PRNewswire — Future University in Egypt (FUE) is pleased to announce the establishment of The Department of Political Mass Media (PMM). The department is the first of its kind in Egypt and the Middle East and the fourth department at Faculty of Economics and Political Science Faculty of the university.

The media’s fundamental role in shaping perspectives and public opinion determines the presence or absence of multifaceted stability in any given country. Hence, a major responsibility falls on the shoulders of the journalist reporting the news and framing the incident.

PMM provides a special merging of the fields of mass media, political science, economics and public policy, as the program equips its graduates with sufficient understanding and training in the dynamics through which these fields affect each other.

The mission of PMM is bridging the gap between mass media and other academic fields and providing students with the opportunity to combine the application of journalistic theory and practice to different political, economic and social issues.

PMM training prepares students with rigorous exposure to multidisciplinary fields resulting in development of an advanced understanding and ability to conduct critical analysis of the interactions between media, politics, economy and policy processes.

Students will analyze, discuss and debate the role of media in national and international political life. The department will provide this interdisciplinary field–comprised of the studies of mass media, political science, economics and public policy–with conscientious, knowledgeable media professionals who abide by international standards and media ethics while actively striving to improve local and regional practices.

Students at Future’s Center for Public Opinion Polls (FCPOP) will learn by experience how to measure citizens’ beliefs and attitudes about important public policy issues. International organizations and publications, such as iMediaEthics, will provide practical online news publishing training and internships to PMM students.

To earn a B.Sc. in Political Mass Media, students must complete 141 credit hours.