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آسياسيل تحتل مرتبة أفضل شركة اتصالات في العراق

آسياسيل تحصد 3 جوائز عالمية في عام 2019 بغداد- العراق – احتلت شركة آسياسيل الصدارة في تصنيفها كأفضل شركة اتصالات في العراق لعام 2019 وذلك من خلال حصدها لجائزة International Finance Award  في حفل رفيع المستوى اقيم في مدينة دبي في دولة الامارات العربية المتحدة مؤخراً. وتأتي جائزة أفضل شركة اتصالات في العراق نتيجة الجهود […]


Arab League says no to “deal of the century”

CAIRO The Arab League Council on Saturday vehemently rejected US proposed Middle East peace plan, dubbed “the deal of the century,” on the grounds that it violates the reference points of the peace process, the international law and UN resolutions.At t…


Arab League chief calls for united stand on US peace plan

CAIRO Secretary General of the Arab League Ahmad Abul Gheit called on the foreign ministers of the League’s member states to adopt a single stance towards the so called “deal of the century” for peace in the Middle East.”The US plan is unlikely to esta…


Egypt pres. echoes backing to Palestine statehood

CAIRO (KUNA) Egyptian President Abdulfattah Al Sisi Saturday restated his country’s unwavering support to an independent Palestinian statehood on occupied territories in pursuant to relevant international resolutions.Al Sisi made the remark while me…


EU is represented by Delegation in London

BRUSSELS (KUNA) European Union High Representative Josep Borrel, in a statement on Saturday marking Britain’s withdrawal from the union, revealed that the EU is already represented by a mission in London.”Today, the United Kingdom leaves the Europea…


Turkey eager to boost post Brexit ties with UK

ANKARA Turkey expressed keenness to further relations with the UK in all areas after the latter’s withdrawal from the European Union, saying there are prospects for “significant opportunities” between both countries.”While leaving the EU, it is clear t…