Arabic Press Release

Hisense ouvre son premier showroom B2B en Afrique du Sud

LE CAP, Afrique du Sud, 24 novembre 2022/PRNewswire/ — Hisense, l’une des principales marques mondiales d’appareils électroménagers et d’électronique grand public, a annoncé l’ouverture de son premier showroom B2B en Afrique du Sud. Situé à Johannesburg, le showroom servira de salle d’exposition pour présenter les offres d’Hisense pour son segment B2B, telles que les affichages […]

Health Care

Kuwait detects cholera case

Kuwait’s Ministry of Health announced Friday that a national, who had returned recently from a neighboring country which suffers from a cholera outbreak, showed symptoms of cholera infection.In a press statement, the ministry said that infected citize…


Kuwait Motorsports City hosts Roll Race, outdoor sports expo

In an enthusiastic atmosphere for car and racing lovers, Kuwait Motorsports City (KMT) hosted on Friday the Roll Race, organized by SWORD CHAPIONS.On the fringes of the race, a show is displaying vintage and sports cars.KMT also hosts Kuwait Outdoor S…