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40 pct. of type II diabetics likely to develop kidney disease — KNA

— Around 40 percent of type II diabetes patients, and 30 percent of type I patients are likely to develop Chronic Kidney Disease, stated Internal Medicine and Nephrology consultant, and President of Kuwait Nephrology Association Dr. Anas Al-Yousef on Sunday.

Dr. Al-Yousef, speaking to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), explained that the disease is detected through finding protein in urine samples, which reveals decreased kidney efficiency to around 60 percent.

To avoid such complications, Al-Yousef explained on occasion of the World Diabetes Day tomorrow, patients of diabetes should maintain low sugar levels in blood and take their prescribed medication.

He commented that a 2021 International Diabetes Federation logged 537 million adult type II patients, and by 2045, Al-Yousef added, number of patients is expected to rise to 783 million.

Al-Yousef also revealed that within the past few years medication with the ability to decrease kidney complications, reduce urine protein as well as total kidney failure has been developed, mentioning that such medication is available in Kuwait’s medical centers.

Moreover, Dr. Al-Yousef urged people with diabetes to persevere on routine examinations, to ensure early detection and treatment in case of infection.

Source: Kuwait News Agency