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56 people infected with Cholera in Algeria – Min.

ALGIERS, Algerian Health Ministry said Monday it was still searching for the source of Cholera outbreak, and confirmed 56 people were infected with the disease among 161 suspected infectees.
The ministry dumped Sidi Kabeer Spring because it contained bacteria that caused Cholera, as well as taking samples from other Springs for testing.
Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform Mokhtar Hasbellaoui affirmed, yesterday, determination to eradicate Cholera in just three days.
Since its outbreak, the state has implemented an effective strategy which helped curb its spread, the minister said after visiting the Boufarik hospital, specialized in infectious diseases.
He assured the public that the ministry would do all in power to eliminate the in the coming days and before the start of the new scholastic year. He estimated the total number of suspected cases which arrived at hospitals at 147 cases from five provinces.

Source: Kuwait News Agency

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