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80 people dead, 2,761 infected with coronavirus in China – health auth.

BEIJING: Chinese Health authorities said on Monday that 80 people were dead, and 2,761 others infected with coronavirus, including 471 cases in critical conditions.

In a statement, the National health committee confirmed that 776 new cases were registered during the past 24 hours, while 3,806 others were suspected of infection, and 24 people were dead of illness.

By the end of Sunday, an outbreak of corona had resulted in 80 deaths, while 51 people had recovered, while 5,794 patients were still suspected of having the virus, the statement added.

The committee clarified that it tracked 32,799 people who have direct contact with the infected people, 30,453 are subject to medical observation, while 583 have left the hospitals.

Other 17 cases were registered in key Chinese cities, with eight cases in Hong Kong, five in Macao, and four others in Taiwan.

For his part, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced in a statement that 33 of the 585 samples were collected from a seafood market in Wuhan, Hubei Province, central China, containing DNA came to the new strain of the Corona virus, indicating the virus stems from wild animals offered for sale in this market.

In turn, Mayor of (Wuhan) Zhou Xian Wang told a press conference that the incidence of new coronavirus in Wuhan, capital of Hubei Province, central China, is expected to increase by an additional 1,000 cases, with more cases confirmed.

On the other hand, China announced to extend the Spring Festival holiday for three days until February 2, amid its efforts to curb the spread of the new Corona virus.

A statement issued by the General Office of the Chinese State Council said that universities, primary and secondary schools and kindergartens across the country would delay the start of the semester, adding that the time set for the start of the semester will be announced by the relevant educational authorities.

Source: Kuwait News Agency