Abbas says Israel didn’t implement any UNSC resolutions on Palestine

NEW YORK, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Thursday that Israel has not carried out any resolutions, issued by United Nations Security Council and General Assembly, on the Palestinian issue.

Abbas made the statement during his speech at the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

He called on the UN Security Council to practice its powers and force Israel to comply with international law and end its occupation of Palestine.

“Jerusalem is not for sale, East Jerusalem is Palestine’s capital and the rights of the Palestinian people are not up for bargaining,” he told the attendees.

Israel revoked all agreements with Palestine, he noted, warming that if Israel does not abide by these deals, Palestine will not be remain committed to them.

Abbas pointed out that Palestine will not accept “sole American mediation in the peace process because the U.S. has lost its eligibility – they are too biased toward Israel.” He said all the agreements with Palestine have been revoked. However, he renewed his invitation to UN President Donald Trump to rescind his decisions and public decrees on Jerusalem, refugees and settlements which run counter to international law and international legitimacy resolutions.

On the nation-state bill issued by Israel, Abbas said the law leads to the establishment of a single racist state and nullifies the two-state solution. He urged the international community to reject and condemn this bill and consider it as a racist, and null and void.

He called for raising the level of Palestinian membership at the UN General Assembly to be able to achieve its duties regarding chairing the 77th group which includes 134 countries.

Source: Kuwait News Agency