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Abu Dhabi hosts WEC’s roundtable on energy

ABU DHABI: Global challenges to energy sector, ways to strike a balance between energy supplies and social justice and providing all with access to energy will be discussed on Tuesday in Abu Dhabi at roundtable by the Global Energy Council (WEC) in Abu Dhabi.

The detailed and extensive discussions will take in the impact of these challenges on the Middle East as an energy producer and consumer and the role of the role of modern industries and the region’s renewable energy resources in countering them.

The significance of 22nd World Energy Congress, which will take place in Daegu city, Korea, next year, as a platform for finding solutions will also be discussed.

CEO and managing director of Masdar, WEC’s chairman Pierre Gadonneix and the president and CEO of KEPCO and chairman of WEC Daegu 2013 Organizing Committee Joong-Kyum Kim will attend the roundtable.


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