Abul-Gheit: Arabs face pressing crises

Arab League Secretary General Ahmad Abul-Gheit on Wednesday said that the overall Arab scene is “facing pressing crises on the, security, political, economic levels.” Abul-Gheit made the statement to the opening of the 149th session of the Arab League Council on the ministerial level at the League’s Secretariat in Cairo.

The Arab World is facing massive challenges in dealing with the regional geographical neighborhood and the international system at large amid an “unprecedented state of intense competition and conflict among the super powers,” he told the Arab foreign ministers.

In this context, he reviewed the “latest deplorable developments” in Syria, pointing out to the Arabs’ consensus that “a political solution is the only way out of the entrenched crisis.” Sincere Arab efforts have brought together the Syrian opposition factions on a unified agenda, but what remains is that the “Syrian regime listens to the voice of reason” and to give up its perceptions of a military solution “depending on foreign powers,” the Secretary General stressed.

He underlined the necessity of halting bloodshed in Syria as a first step, together with commitment to the UN Security Council Resolution 2401, as the only way to rescue the civilians besieged in Eastern Ghouta for years, he said.

In the meantime, Abul-Gheit said Arab crises in Libya and Yemen continue to be at a standstill, with no clear prospects for political solutions.

He noted that the Palestinian Cause remains on top of the Arab League Council’s agenda.

Abul-Gheit said that the Council stressed the necessity of countering the US illegal and hazardous decision to move the American embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing the Holy City as Israel’s capital.

He reviewed the Arab efforts, in collaboration with the international community to press Israel to conform to the resolutions of the world legitimacy.

Today, the Arab foreign ministers discussed a host of major issues topped with the agenda of the 29th Arab Summit due in Riyadh, developments of the Palestinian Cause and maintaining the Arab national security, and combating terrorism.

They had held a consultation meeting ahead of the opening of the 149th session, and took part in discussions of Arab committees concerned with Israel’s plans in Africa and the crisis with Iran.

Source: Kuwait News Agency