ADM’s Women Day attracts 700 participants

WAM ABU DHABI: The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City has continued the events of Assematy Initiative at Bani Yas, which has been kicked off last April with the aim of embellishing the appearance of the city and combating negative practices throughout Abu Dhabi metropolis.

The initiative is part of the Municipality’s continuous efforts to maintain the health, safety and security of the community as well as the environment, and further enhance the distinctive aesthetic profile of the capital and metropolitan areas.

Under the event, the Municipality has designated a Women Day; which saw the participation of about 700 ladies who were attracted by the events ‘&’ activities which were kick-started by Ms. Fatima Al Ali, from the Community Services Division, Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, who explained the objectives of the Initiatives.

Then, Etidaal Al Shamsi, Preacher at the Islamic Affairs and Endowments Authority, delivered a lecture oriented towards raising the religious awareness ‘&’ culture, focusing on the role of mothers in imparting in their youngsters the values of maintaining the overall appearance of the city and shunning negative practices.

Fatima Al Harmoodi, from the Waste Management Center, spoke about factors that have adverse impact on the environment, and touched on the proper handling, segregating and the recycling of household waste along with the colours indicating to respective containers. She also highlighted to the attendees the importance of taking part in community events and instilling these values in the conscience of their children.

Events of the initiative were also characterized by huge turnout from students from public and private schools at Bani Yas with the aim of nurturing a sustainable culture and mustering the potentials of youngsters and the oncoming generations such that they will have a direct participation and contribution to the efforts of maintaining the appearance and elegance of the city so that these values may evolve into convictions of combating negative practices and maintaining the picturesque view of their city.

Events included the distribution of guidance booklets, displaying educative movies, holding gatherings for parents ‘&’ teachers, and involving students in the activities of the campaign such as cleaning ‘&’ painting of walls, and removing graffiti among other activities aimed to encourage them not only to take part in the campaign, but also to adopt its concepts and disseminate them among their peers and families.

Assematy initiative, which had been launched by the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City in June 2010 under its vision of ensuring a superior living and sustainable environment for Abu Dhabi residents, is an ongoing process undertaken by the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City in connected spatial ‘&’ time phases across the metropolitan area in a bid to nurture a sustained culture and boost the standing of Abu Dhabi amongst the top cosmopolitan cities worldwide.

Such objectives can be realized through mustering potentials towards a realistic and concerted contribution to upkeep the appearance and cleanliness of the city and fight negative practices. The scale of the Campaign will be widened through raising the public awareness of the importance of the objectives of the campaign, and consolidating the conviction of the effective participation in the campaign among individuals, entities and agencies.

The initiative aims at maintaining ‘&’ improving the appearance of the capital city and combating negative phenomena impacting the overall appearance of the city; whether resulting from natural or human factors. These include roads, greens and all disfiguring elements in the metropolitan area such that the capital remains clean and tidy, and measures up to its billing as the optimal venue for living, characterized by modern amenities and deeply rooted traditions.

Through the initiative, the Municipality is seeking to improve the appearance of the capital and metropolis and keep it as beautiful as it can be through eradicating negative practices from residential districts, and combating behaviours distorting the superb image of Abu Dhabi city by adopting practical solutions perceived by citizens and residents, boosting the public awareness of the risks associated with these practices, besides mustering efforts of all community segments to combat these practices. Thus the Campaign will switch from being a formal exercise to an all-inclusive communal participation.

Assematy initiative is based on the strategy sustainability and evolving into communal values and culture adopted by the inhabitants themselves in combating phenomena undermining their norms, traditions and values as well as the beauty of their city. Such a drive is envisaged under a comprehensive plan to rid the neighbourhood and streets of practices that have the potentials of distorting the urbanized appearance and compromising the security, safety, public health and the environment.


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