AGU researcher succeeds in designing guidance program to mentally-disabled girls

Manama, A thesis entitled The Effectiveness of a Guidance Program to Increase Self-Confidence Among Mentally-Disabled Teenage Girls, discussed at the College of Graduate Studies Intellectual Disability and Autistic Disorder Department at the Arabian Gulf University (AGU).

The thesis which was a semi-practical research conducted on eight students who are suffering from simple mental issues as part of the requirements to get a Master’s degree done by researcher Modhi Ahmed Bu Jarwa.

Aged between 15-21 years, the students who were part of the research are enrolled in the Rehabilitation of Intellectual Education for Girls in Kuwait.

Researcher Bu Jarwa designed a measurement for confidence to the students who have simple mental disability as well as a guidance program to increase their self-confidence.

The study proved the guidance program was effective to develop the self-confidence of the teenage girls who have simple disability.

Source: Bahrain News Agency