Ahmad Al-Shohoumi wins as Deputy Speaker

– The Speaker of the National Assembly announced on Tuesday electing MP Ahmad Al-Shohoumi as the Vice Parliament Speaker of the 16th legislative term.

Al-Shohoumi won with 41 votes, while his component MP Dr. Hassan Johar only won 19 votes, during the first Parliament ordinary session of the first session.

Articles, namely: (92) of the constitution and (28) of the bylaw of the National Assembly, stipulate “the National Assembly shall choose in its first session, and for a similar term, a speaker and a vice-president from among its members. If the place of any of them becomes vacant, the parliament chooses who will replace it until the end of its term.

In all cases, the election shall take place by majority of those present, while if this majority is not achieved in the first time, the election is repeated between the two MPs who gained the highest votes, and this time the elections takes place by the relative majority, while if more than one gained the same relative majority percentage, the MPs should choose between them by lot, while the eldest MP shall preside the first session until the president is elected.

Ahmad Al-Shohoumi was born in 1971, holds a postgraduate diploma in law, and won the membership in the National Assembly in 2006.

He works as a lawyer and is a member of the Board of Directors and Treasurer of the Kuwaiti Lawyers Association

Source: Kuwait News Agency