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Aid extended to UNCHR, Gaza Strip

KUWAIT, Nov 1 (KUNA) — Kuwait’s humanitarian relief aid was extended through supporting refugees as it always has doing since its establishment.

A speech delivered by Kuwait Legal Advisor of the permanent Delegation to UN Fudha Al-Duwaish on Thursday before the UN General Assembly Third Committee, were reports of UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNCHR) on issues relating to refugees returnees, displaced persons and humanitarian issues were discussed.

Al-Duwiash brought up some of Kuwait’s contributions of which was establishing international conferences which aim to urge countries and major donors to fulfill their commitments to help.

Kuwait hosted three international donor conferences to support the humanitarian situation in Syria during 2013, 2014, and 2015, as well as to other conferences held in London and Brussels, where the total pledged amounted to USD USD 1.9 billion.

She also added that Kuwait has provided financial contributions estimated at USD 430 million to the UNHCR.

A final installment of a grant worth USD two million to aid reconstruction efforts in the Gaza Strip has been provided said the Palestinian Authority on Sunday.

Some 817 people have been the beneficiaries of the latest Kuwaiti grant, said Palestinian Minister of Public Works and Housing Mohammed Zyara, thanking Kuwait’s support.

Source: Kuwait News Agency