Al-Abadi -I inherited a country on the verge of total collapse due to terrorism, bankruptcy, sectarianism, and external dispossession

– The leader of Al-Nasr Coalition, Haider al-Abadi, said that in 2014 he inherited a country on the verge of complete collapse due to terrorism, bankruptcy, sectarianism and external alienation.

Al-Abadi added in an interview with the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Nahar: “We, with the grace of God and the people’s enthusiasm, managed to win the challenge, and we handed over the state in 2018, which is unified, liberated, and promising, with a financial surplus of 14 billion dollars.”

He explained that the pillars of my policy were: effective governance, converting challenges into opportunities, confidence in governance as an attractive resource, soft planning to achieve rough goals, continuous structuring of institutions and performance, setting priorities according to the ladders of challenge, potentials and opportunities, constant pressure on waste, corruption and slackness, balance with management of governance and the state’s position in internal and external conflicts. “

He explained: “The issue of whether or not the ruler is able to meet the challenges is related to his efficiency at the level of vision, will, wisdom, as well as tools.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency