Al-Abadi: “We plan to destroy IS in Syria”

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi said on Tuesday that the dispute inside Syria could lead to the reappearance of so-called Islamic State (IS).

Al-Abadi said in the press conference held in Baghdad that his country’s objective is to eliminate IS, and to pursue its small members inside Iraq.

He affirmed that Iraqi air force have executed many raids on IS inside Syria, and the American-led international coalition in Iraq praised that action.

Al-Abadi assured that those attacks diminished IS’s capabilities to execute terrorist attacks inside Iraq.

“We do not want to intervene in the Syrian affairs, and we wish the Syrian people a peaceful life, and we seek to have normal relations with Syria but the existence of IS adjacent to our borders disturbs that,” said Al-Abadi.

The Prime Minister believes that terrorism poses an international threat, and needs global cooperation to destroy it, and their existence near the Iraqi-Syrian borders is worrying because terrorists may infiltrate to the Arabian Desert territories in Al-Anbar Governorate.

Source: Kuwait News Agency