Algeria calls for peaceful transfer of power in Sudan

ALGIERS, The Algerian Foreign Ministry called on Saturday for a peaceful and smooth transfer of power in Sudan in accordance with the will of the people and their legitimate aspirations.

In a statement, the ministry expressed Algeria’s confidence in Sudan’s ability to overcome this delicate stage in order to preserve its security and safety and that in return it remains convinced that the Sudanese people will be able to realize their hopes for a better future in freedom and democracy.

“Algeria is following with great interest the developments in Sudan,” the statement said, referring to the historic, strong and deeply rooted relations between the two countries.

Sudanese Defense Minister Awad Ibn Auf announced on Thursday the removal of President Omar Al-Bashir, who has been under anti-government protests since December 19 demanding his departure from power and the formation of a transitional military council for two years.

However, the gathering of Sudanese professionals and their opposition allies continued their sit-in, rejected the move, and called for the handover of power to a civilian transitional government, demanding the removal of Ben Auf as well.

Algeria is also witnessing demonstrations that resulted in the announcement of President Abdul-Aziz Bouteflika resignation on April 2 in response to the demands of the popular movement, which is still ongoing.

On Friday, crowds of Algerians marched in peaceful demonstrations and rallies, insisting on the departure of interim President Abdelkader Ben Saleh and all the leaders of the current regime.

Source: Kuwait News Agency