Algeria launches Kuwaiti-Algerian parliamentary group to boost ties

Algeria’s parliament launched Tuesday the Algerian-Kuwaiti parliamentary friendship group to bolster legislative ties between the two countries and share expertise on all levels.

Delivering a speech on this occasion, deputy speaker of Algeria’s National People’s Assembly Ammari Abdullah said that the relations between the two countries trace back to the phase of national struggle against colonialism, referring to Kuwait’s efforts to support the Algerian revolution against French colonialism.

Political and economic cooperation between the two sides continued after the independence in order to achieve social and economic development, he noted.

He elaborated that the bilateral ties are based on cooperation, friendship and mutual respect as well as sharing similar views on several regional and international issues.

Abdullah said that the two countries look forward to building distinguished partnerships, mainly after the official visit paid by President Abdelmadjid Tebboune to Kuwait last February.

He extolled distinguished parliamentary ties between the two countries enhanced by varied activities like official visits, training courses and talks between heads of the two legislative bodies in several arenas.

Meanwhile, Khaled Al-Yoha, Acting Charge d’Affaires at Kuwait Embassy in Algeria, termed the Kuwait-Algerian ties as ‘sisterly strong and historical’.

Launching the parliamentary group aims at strengthening ties between Kuwait and Algeria, he stressed.

Source: Kuwait News Agency