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Algeria rejects NGO’s accusations in dealing with African immigrants

ALGIERS, Algeria strongly rejected on Thursday accusations by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that it has violated its commitments towards illegal immigrants with African countries south of the great desert.

Algeria ministry of foreign affairs said in a statement that those allegations are dangerous and those organizations seek to ruin Algeria’s image and its relationships with neighboring countries. The statement showed that Algeria was targeted for several weeks by those organizations that accuse it of disregarding international agreements concerning solidarity and accepting African immigrants.

The organization of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch organization have criticized the way Algeria deals with illegal African immigrants.

The amnesty organization accuses it with exploding 20,000 illegal immigrants, whereas the Human rights watch organization condemned what it called “exploding Africans and returning them to their native countries” considering this move as ” a violation of international law.” Algeria strongly denied those claims assuring its strong bilateral ties with its neighbors which grounds on respects and mutual destiny, according to the Algerian statement. Algerian authorities confirmed that those deportation procedures with illegal immigrants are done with respect of human rights and dignity of those people being deported and after consulting with their native countries.

Source: Kuwait News Agency