Ambassador Haley Delivers Remarks at a UN Security Council Briefing on South Sudan

Ambassador Nikki Haley, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, delivered remarks at a UN Security Council briefing on the situation in South Sudan. She reflected on her recent trip to Juba and called for South Sudan’s leadership to take action to stop the violence and suffering of the South Sudanese people and commit to a credible peace process.

Every member of this Council is familiar with the horrifying statistics being produced by the violence in South Sudan. Millions of South Sudanese are facing famine and have been driven from their homes. Tens of thousands are dead. Thousands of children have been forced into conflict as child soldiers. I, too, knew these statistics before I traveled to South Sudan in October. But that knowledge did not prepare me for the suffering that I saw there.rdquo;

It is the government that bears the primary responsibility for the killing, raping, and torturing in South Sudan. And it is the government that bears the primary responsibility for ending the violence, easing the suffering, and saving future generations of South Sudanese. President Kiir said all the right things in our meeting. He made promises that he’s made before. But now things are different � and I told him so. Going forward, the United States will judge President Kiir and his government by their actions, not their words. And the actions needed are clear. There is a way to end the violence in South Sudan. As a first step, President Kiir needs to adhere to the ceasefires he has declared many times. No more promises. We need action.rdquo;

Words are no longer sufficient. The United States is prepared to pursue additional measures against the government � or any party, for that matter � if they do not act to end the violence and ease the suffering in South Sudan.rdquo;

Source: Africa Regional Media Hub.