American journal sheds light on Kuwaiti Coast Guards’ efforts in the Gulf

– The quarterly American journal UNIPATH, published by the US Central Command (CENTCOM), has shed light on efforts and achievements of the Kuwaiti Coast Guards for maintaining security in the Arabian Gulf.

The magazine, according to a statement by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior on Sunday, noted that Captain Sheikh Mubarak Ali Al Sabah took command of the Combined Task Force 152 (CTF 152) in February 2019.

The Kuwaiti Coast Guards, operating under umbrella of the the CTF 152 unit, has been carrying out wiwde-scale patrols in the Arabian Gulf waters as part of the efforts to maintain regional security. Moreover, commanders of the GCC countries’ naval forces have expressed confidence in the Kuwaiti naval force.

The Kuwaiti Naval Force joined the Combined Task Force, based in Bahrain, in 2010. The squad comprises elite navymen, state-of-art warships and reconnaisance aircraft.

The American journal concluded its report by noting that the 152 squad under the Kuwaiti command kept security in the Arabian Gulf under tight control.

Source: Kuwait News Agency