API commends Kuwait award for sustainable consumption, production

Director of the Arab Planning Institute (API) Dr. Bader Malallah said Kuwait award for sustainable consumption and production was in harmony with the government efforts to rationalize spending and consumption.

The award aims to maximize benefit from, and cut the costs of, the production operations, thus alleviating the burdens on the state and the citizens alike, he told reports during the award giving ceremony on Sunday.

The ceremony was organized in collaboration with Kuwait program for social responsibility, an affiliate of the regional social responsibility network.

The award falls in the framework of the combat against extravagance and misuse of resources; it helps enhance positive consumption styles of life, which will, in turn, will impact positively the domestic trade movement, he said.

“This is the first such award organized by API,” Malallah said, noting that the regional social responsibility network is made up mainly of the Gulf Cooperation Council member states.

Meanwhile, Dr. Shihab Al-Othman, head of the higher organizing committee of the award, said the government and NGOs of the member countries work together to realize the objective of the slogan of “responsible consumption for sustainable life.” “This slogan reflects how far the societies are civilized and have the spirit of responsibility,” Al-Othman said, noting that the award is part of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Kuwait New Vision 2035.

The winners of the award are Kuwait Oil Company’s project for oil waste treatment, the Green Hands Team’s “plant a seed, leave a trace initiative, Al-Dhow for Environmental Projects Company’s industrial waste treatment plant, and the food recycling project of the faculty of engineering and petroleum – Kuwait University, and consumer protection society’s single system to control the cooperative sector and enhance food security.

Source: Kuwait News Agency