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Arab armed forces chiefs witness joint military training

CAIRO, A number of leaders of the armed forces of Arab countries witnessed the main stage of a joint military training exercise, including Kuwait, at Egypt’s Mohammed Naguib Military Base.

Egyptian military spokesperson Colonel Tamer Al-Rifai said in a statement Thursday that the main training phase was carried out by members of the armed forces of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE, Bahrain and Jordan and the participation of observers from other Arab countries.

The spokesperson quoted the commander of the northern military region in Egypt as saying that training “is one of the most important joint Arab exercises that have contributed to the transfer and exchange of experiences between different forces participating and unifying concepts to meet the challenges facing the region.” He stressed that the main objective of joint training is readiness to maintain peace in the Arab region against all threats at the regional and international levels in light of the challenges and threats of terrorism facing the region.

Source: Kuwait News Agency