Arab League affirms support for peaceful transition in Sudan

Arab League SecretaryGeneral Ahmad Abul Gheit affirmed Sunday continued efforts and cooperation with Sudan’s Transnational Military Council, Sudanese parties, and international organizations to achieve a peaceful political transition in the country.

Abul Gheit made his remarks in a statement following his visit to Sudan, during which he met with the President of Sudan’s Transnational Military Council Abdulfattah Burhan.

He also met with a number of leaders from the Freedom and Change Declaration, in addition to the Head of National Umma Party Dr. Sadeq AlMahdi, and representatives from the Democratic Union Party and other Sudanese political and civilian movements.

Abul Gheit’s visit is part of League’s full commitment to stand by and support Sudan and its people during such a difficult circumstance, said the statement.

It is also part of Arab League’s firm keenness on restoring Khartoum’s security and stability, and preserving safety of its territories, national unity, and active role in the League and joint Arab action system, the statement added.

Arab League has been and remains committed to provide all forms of aid and support to Sudan in accordance with resolutions approved during League’s previous summits, noted Abul Gheit.

These resolutions include normalizing Sudan’s relationship with international finance institutions, exempting it from external debts, lifting its name from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism, activating its joint procedure with League in order to follow and implement humanitarian and development Arab projects in Darfur and various areas in the country, he mentioned.

Furthermore, Arab League stands firmly by the Sudanese people from all ethnic, religious, and political backgrounds and affiliations, he confirmed, reiterating support to help them overcome the current stage, and encourage them to continue peaceful dialogue and reach a broad national consensus that meets their aspirations to restore safety and security in the country.

Meanwhile, Abul Gheit expressed his deep sorrow over the tragic events that took place at the sitin camp in Khartoum on June 3, calling for completing the incident’s investigations to unveil its reasons and those responsible for it.

The statement noted that Arab League chief visited Sudan amid ongoing deterioration of the situations there, noting the visit aimed to mediate between warring parties and prove League’s strong presence to support and help the Sudanese people overcome current difficulties in their homeland.

Moreover, Abul Gheit listened to all opinions and expectations from Sudanese parties regarding League’s possible role and contribution to back the peaceful political transition in the North African country.

He indicated the League had an effective role in bringing views closer between Sudanese parties and restoring trust between them as well, adding such a positive step would eventually lay the groundwork for reaching peaceful national agreement.

Abul Gheit also said solutions for the current situation in Khartoum should be purely Sudanese and reached under a strictly national framework away from external interventions, adding they should also take into consideration Sudan’s independence and sovereignty, as well as aspirations of all Sudanese people.

He urged all Sudanese and Arab media sources and networks to promote peaceful dialogue and consensus among the Sudanese people, refrain from igniting sedition, racism, and rift among them, and sponsor the peaceful transitional process in the country.

Source: Kuwait News Agency