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Arab League calls to develop joint action system for justice

CAIRO, The Arab League called on Thursday for developing a joint Arab action system for justice and boosting its mechanisms to face the grave challenges in the region.

Developing such a joint system and strengthen its measures would make it possible for Arab justice ministers to bear their responsibilities toward facing these challenges and their repercussions, said an Arab League’s senior official.

The significant topics addressed to the council for discussion include anti-terror and boosting Arab and international cooperation to combat terrorism, Assistant Secretary General Mohamad Al-Amin Ould Akik said at the opening of the 35th session of the council of Arab justice ministers in Cairo.

He also stressed the importance of consolidating Arab legislation through indicative Arab laws that the council of Arab justice ministers drafts.

Ould Akik lauded the council of Arab justice ministers’ efforts and hard work in the anti-terrorism field, as well as in drafting indicative Arab laws, bolstering legal and judicial cooperation between Arab states, and supporting the international community’s efforts in combating organized crime, corruption, and terrorism.

For his part, Bahrain’s Justice Minister Sheikh Khalid Al-Khalifa said that Arab and international cooperation is essential for combating terrorism and organized crime, stressing the importance of strengthen Arab and international cooperation in legal and judicial fields.

Sheikh Khaled, also current chair of the 35th session, indicated the significance of the council’s meeting, which is being held in light of ongoing challenges faced by the Arab region, especially when it comes to anti-crime and terror.

The current session’s agendas include several items related to significant topics such as anti-terror, Arab judicial cooperation network in anti-terrorism and organized crime, said the Bahraini senior official.

It is important to unify Arab legislations, particularly ones related to upgrading the Arab model law on anti-terrorism, he affirmed, adding drafting an indicative Arab law is essential for organizing the foundations for combating terrorist organizations and elements.

Moreover, Sheikh Khaled Al-Khalifa praised the Arab Center for legal and juridical Research, describing it as an important body in the council of Arab justice ministers.

The Kuwaiti delegation at the 35th session of the council of Arab justice ministers is headed by Justice Ministry’s Undersecretary Omar Al-Sharqawi, and include Justice Ministry’s Assistant Undersecretary for Legal Affairs Zakarea Al-Ansari.

Source: Kuwait News Agency