Arab League cmte approves Kuwaiti proposal

CAIRO The Arab Commission for Human Rights approved the State of Kuwait’s suggestion to rename the commission into the Arab charter on human rights commission.

Concluding its 47th session at the Arab League’s HQ here on Wednesday, the commission decided to refer the Kuwaiti recommendation to Secretary General of the League Ahmad Abul Gheit to make the necessary measures pursuant to the Arab Charter on Human Rights (ACHR).

The conferees also approved a Kuwaiti proposal to withdraw the observer status at the commission from the (Kuwaiti) National Committee for Missing Persons and POWs Affairs.

They asked the Arab League to mobilize the Arab group of states at the United Nations premises in New York and Geneva for backing the diplomatic, political and legal moves against the new US plan for peace in the Middle East.

“The US plan runs counter to the binding rules of the international law and the relevant UN resolutions, and puts in peril the world peace and security,” according to the commission.

The commission tasked the Arab group of states at the UN with lobbying for the international drive to boycott Israel, the occupying power, and cease all forms of direct or indirect dealing with the Israeli occupation system, particularly the settlements built on occupied Palestinian territories.

It renewed support to the legal track adopted by the State of Palestine to face up to the racist practices of Israel, including the complaint lodged by the Arab League’s members to the Geneva based Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD).

It also backed the Arab efforts to lodge lawsuits to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) against the US illegal decision to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem.

Other lawsuits were tabled to the International Criminal Court (ICC) based on fact that the court has regional jurisdiction over the occupied Palestinian territories and the crimes being committed by the occupying power, Israel, the commission pointed out.

The commission tasked the Arab ambassadors’ council and the Arab Parliament to work with other parliaments and international parliamentary groupings for pressurizing Israel into releasing the bodies of Arab and Palestinian martyrs, which constitutes a heinous crime and a stark violation of human dignity.

It also urged lobbying against the Israeli decisions and malpractices against the Palestinian prisoners, the indiscriminate detentions, child arrests and torture of detainees. (pickup previous)

Source: Kuwait News Agency