Arab league condemns Israeli new settlements in Jerusalem

CAIRO The Arab League condemned on Sunday the decision by Israeli authorities regarding thousands of new settlements’ construction in “Jabal Abu Ghneim” and “Beit Safafa” in East Jerusalem and a plan to establish a settlement on Jerusalem International Airport territory.

Assistant Secretary General of the Arab League Dr. Saeed Abu Ali stressed in a statement that this announcement comes within framework of the continuation and escalation of the “Israeli aggression on the rights and existence of the Palestinian people with the encouragement of the American administration that violates Palestinian rights to establish an independent state.” Abu Ali reiterated the Arab League’s rejection of the AmericanIsraeli plan that “undermines terms of peace process based on international law and United Nations resolutions, stressing that this illegal colonial settlement plan would lead to the isolation of East Jerusalem.” He called on the international community to intervene urgently to implement the Security Council Resolutions 2334 of 2016, noting that Israel intends to jeoparidze the “international order, namely the United Nations and its decisions.”

Source: Kuwait News Agency