Arab League urges halt to military escalation in Syria

The Arab League on Thursday called on all parties involved in the Syrian conflict to put an end to the ongoing military escalation in southwest Syria in order to protect innocent civilians there.

The league’s Secretary-General Ahmad Abul-Gheit said in a press statement that he was alarmed at the serious military escalation in Syria’s southwestern areas, which left scores of people dead or wounded.

Calling for a ceasefire there, he emphasized that UN Security Council (UNSC) Resolution 2410/2018, which states an immediate ceasefire in all areas in Syria and unrestricted humanitarian aid access to besieged areas, should be put in place.

He sounded the alarm about the ramifications of the recent developments as undermining international efforts exerted to push forward the UN-facilitated peace process in Syria, and as aggravating the humanitarian sufferings and woes of people.

The chief of the Arab League also cautioned that the current humanitarian crisis in Syria could run deeper owing to the internal displacement of civilians.

Source: Kuwait News Agency