Arab League urges UNSC to protect Palestinians

protection for the Palestinian people, ending the Israeli occupation and preserving rights of the Palestinians.

The Arab League, commemorating the 71st anniversary of Nakba, or catastrophe, reiterated full support for the struggle of the Palestinian people against the Israeli occupation until the establishment of their independent state.

Ramifications of the nakba are still harming generations of over 5.3 million Palestinians living in tough conditions in refugee camps, said the league.

It added UNRWA has been sabotaged in order to affect its services for the Palestinian people, but affirmed commitment to UN General Assembly’s resolution 194 over the return of the Palestinian refugees and the Arab peace initiative.

It called for maintaining the funding for UNRWA to enable it continue its services, urging the international community to exercise serious pressure upon Israel to stop its suppressive policies against the Palestinian people.

Source: Kuwait News Agency