Arab League welcomes EP’s condemnation of Israeli oppression in Gaza

CAIRO, The Cairo-based Arab League welcomed on Thursday the European Parliament’s decision which condemned the Israeli acts of oppression and grave violations against unarmed Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.

In a statement, the league stressed importance on the decision, which also condemned Israel’s deliberate killings of Palestinian demonstrators during the “Great March of Return” protests in the Gaza Strip.

The league affirmed the need to “end, immediately and without conditions, the Israeli blockade on the Strip.” The statement called on the UN Human Rights Council and all concerned parties to open an international investigation into acts of oppression against Palestinian peaceful protests and the killing of peaceful demonstrators by Israel during the march. It said this represents a violation of international law and the fourth Geneva treaty.

The statement also asked the international community to put pressures on Israel to abide by principles of international law and halt all violations committed by the Israeli forces against Palestinians.

It affirmed the necessity of implementing international resolutions regarding the provision of international protection in the occupied Palestinian territories.

It called for a two-state solution in line with peace references, mainly the right of Palestinians to determine their destiny and establish an independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Source: Kuwait News Agency