Arab Open University contributes to educational promotion – Academician

RABAT, The Arab Open University is contributing to promotion of education in the Arab countries, an academician said Friday and noted the educational institute was providing chances for Arab citizens to continue graduate studies.

Dr. Mohammad Al-Zekri, President of the AOU, said the university was attracting thousands of students in its branches in nine Arab countries.

Al-Zekri, speaking to KUNA on sidelines of a visit to Morocco, said AOU, a non-governmental organization (NGO), was offering flexible studying hours and offering special services for people with disabilities.

He said AOU established a partnership with the British Open University to supervise the quality of curricula, accreditation and assessment.

Meanwhile, Al-Zekri said his visit to Rabat aimed at meeting Moroccan officials to explore possibility of opening an AOU branch in this North African nation.

He urged donor organizations and philanthropists to offer financial contributions to AOU to enable it offer educational services for the largest possible number of Arab people.

The Kuwait-based AOU was established by late Saudi Prince Talal bin Abdulaziz who was passionate to offering education to all segments in any Arab society.

Source: Kuwait News Agency