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Arab summit final communique condemns Houthis’ targeting of Saudi Arabia

DHAHRAN, Saudi Arabia, Arab leaders, in their final communique of the 29th Arab Summit, condemned Sunday the hundreds of ballistic missiles launched by the Houthi militia towards several cities in Saudi Arabia.

The final communique of the “Jerusalem Summit”, held in the eastern city of Dhahran Saudi Arabia, expressed support towards Saudi Arabia and Bahrain in their efforts to protect themselves against external threats.

The Arab leaders called on Iran to halt its support to the Houthi militia and other similar groups to allow efforts for peace in Yemen in accordance with the UNSC resolution 2216 supporting the unity and independency of the Arab country, the GCC initiative, and the outcomes of the Yemeni national dialogue.

The final communique lauded efforts to help the Yemeni people to overcome their crisis through humanitarian assistance.

Arab leaders commended the Saudi-led Arab coalition in support of the legitimate Yemeni government, affirming that Arabs refused any external interferences in issues connected with Arab national security.

Source: Kuwait News Agency