Arab, Western forces begin Bright Star exercises in Egypt

CAIRO, Arab and Western military forces and observers from 25 countries, including Egypt and the US, were taking part in the Bright Star exercises on Saturday at Mohammad Najeeb Base in Egypt.

The exercises, due until September 20, will strengthen military cooperation among forces participating in the maneuvers, as well as contribute to exchange of expertise and use of state-of-art weapons and equipment, the Egyptian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

The US army said in a statement Egypt was one of the major strategic partners, and the two sides were stronger as a team.

The Bright Star exercises send a clear message against anyone seeking to undermine security of “our countries,” it said.

Bright Star 2018 aims at developing joint action between the Egyptian army on one side and regional armies on the other, as well as management of naval and air forces, combat operations and counter-terrorism.

Forces from Egypt, the US, Greece, Jordan, Britain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Italy, France as well as 16 countries as observers were taking part in the war games.

Source: Kuwait News Agency