Because of the security situation, Kuwait prohibits its citizens and Bidoon traveling overland to Iraq

Baghdad, Kuwaiti security sources said that there were orders to prohibit land travel for its citizens and Bidoon to Iraq.

They told the local Al-Anbaa newspaper that movement through the Abdali port is limited to the transportation of trucks and drivers, after the trucks are subject to scrutiny and are subject to advanced devices to detect any prohibited substances in them.

They pointed out that this measure came in implementation of the instructions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to stop the movement of citizens to Iraq, until conditions are established there to preserve the safety of citizens and Bidoon.

The sources added that the instructions issued to the Ministry of Interior entered into force a while ago and require that only goods loaded onto trucks be allowed in and out, as well as for those who come from Iraq and have valid residences.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency