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Belgian court withdraws nationality from terrorist

A court in Belgium has withdrawn the Belgian nationality from terrorist as part of a court sentence, media reported Thursday.

The judge in the city of Charleroi, 50 kms south of Brussels, withdrew the nationality from a 21-year-old with dual Belgian-Serbian nationality as he was sentenced to ten years in jail for being the leader of a terrorist outfit, VRT news network reported.

E. Suljemani reportedly received his instructions from Syria. Tarik Jadaoun, a Belgian sentenced to death in Iraq, is said to have instructed him to murder an imam and to carry out an attack against a disco or during the Euro 2016 football festival in Brussels.

The court ruling read: “The fact that the defendant planned attacks on national soil, that preparations were already underway… represents a violent attack on the pillars of our state. Somebody who acts in this fashion can no longer hold Belgian nationality.

Source: Kuwait News Agency