Bernie Sanders win New Hamshire Democratic primary

WASHINGTON Senator Bernie Sanders won New Hamshire Democratic primary elections, garnering 26 percent of votes while former vice president Joe Biden suffered his second loss and came fifth with 4.8 percent, exit polls showed.

Former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg came second with 24.4 percent while Amy Klobuchar followed with 19.8 percent and Senator Elizabeth Warren trailed with 9.3 percent.

Meanwhile Andrew Yang and Michael Bennet announced withdrawal from Democratic Party primary race in the wake of weak results.

“Tonight, I am announcing I am suspending my campaign for president,” said Yang.

Bennet also said he “feel nothing but joy tonight as we conclude this campaign and this chapter. Tonight wasn’t our night. But New Hampshire, you may see me once again.” On the other hand, President Donald Trump had a big victory in New Mamshire, winning more than 80 percent and left his opponents at the bottom of the list.

The Republican Party in the State said in a tweet Trump was the winner of the primary.

New Hamshire is the second state to witness party primaries following last week primary in Iowa, which was won by Buttigieg.

New Hamshire has 24 delegates out of over 4,000 delegates who will participate in the Democratic Party national convention in Wisconsin in the summer, during which the party presidential candidate will be announced.

The next primaries will be held in Nevada on February 22, then South Carolina on the last day of the month.

Super Tuesday, during which more than 10 states held primaries, will be held on March 3.

Source: Kuwait News Agency