Britain doubles aid for UN peacekeeping fund to over USD 40 mln

LONDON, Britain on Wednesday pledged to double its financial aid to the United Nations peacekeeping fund from 16 million pounds (USD 32.4 million) to 32 million pounds (USD 40.8 million).

British Secretary of State for Middle East and North Africa and International Development Alistair Burt said in a press release that the decision to double aid is part of Britain’s long-term strategy to contribute to efforts to build international security and prosperity.

The world has become less secure than it was 10 years ago, he said, pointing out that the last decade witnessed an increase in the number of conflicts and violence.

This has led to a rise in the number of victims and displaced persons, he added.

Burt noted that the aid is aimed at addressing conflicts and instability directly and working to restore peace in the long term.

He stressed that this strategy affects positively and directly the security of Britain, pointing out that his country is adversely affected by the consequences of external conflicts through the influx of refugees or increased risk of terrorist threats, organized crime and even mobile pandemics.

On Monday, Britain announced its first 16 million pound (USD 20.4 million) aid package to the UN peacekeeping fund during a peace forum in Paris.

Source: Kuwait News Agency