Britain reiterates support for maintaining nuclear agreement

TEHRAN, British Minister of State for Middle East and North Africa Alistair Burt Sunday called on European companies to continue their work and investments in Iran, and to overcome technical obstacles facing economic cooperation between the two sides.
“We are seeking to remove the technical obstacles of economic cooperation with Iran and we urge European companies to continue their activities in this country,” Burt noted during a meeting with the head of Iran’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee Falahatpisheh, according to Iranian official media.
Burt reiterated support of the nuclear agreement as an “important document” for further cooperation between Iran and Europe, saying that “we look forward to maintaining this agreement away from US policies” in this regard.
For his part, Falahatpisheh called for Europe to facilitate banking cooperation between the two sides and support continuation of Iranian oil exports and to stimulate European companies to deal with Tehran.
Tehran has not resorted after US withdrawal from the nuclear agreement to “hasty and emotional” decisions but through cooperation with the other parties to pursue ways to continue this agreement, he added.
Burt is visiting Tehran to participate in a new round of bilateral talks on economic cooperation following the withdrawal of the US from the nuclear agreement last May.

Source: Kuwait News Agency


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