Britain stresses to remain active in NATO

Britain stressed importance Thursday on remaining an active member of NATO and would play a main role in ensuring common security for states members. British Prime Minister Theresa May said in a press conference after talks with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg in London, what was recently written about her skepticism about Britain’s future role in the alliance was “not true” at all.

“The United Kingdom is a leading member of NATO and a leading country in defending most issues and We have the second largest military budget among the alliance members and the largest military budget in Europe,” Theresa May added.

The Prime Minister also stressed that Britain will continue to support the global joint security in many ways through conventional and nuclear capabilities. On the other hand, the Prime Minister agreed on the existence of “some problems” because of differences between some of the allied countries with the United States, especially with the cases related to the international nuclear agreement with Iran. For his part, Stoltenberg said, “Prime Minister Theresa May assured that her country would continue to use its advanced capabilities to support NATO, stressing “it is very important that Britain continues to play a leading role within NATO.” Stoltenberg also expressed his confidence in the commitment of US President Donald Trump on his country’s role in NATO and to maintain its transatlantic strategic ties.

“Maintaining the Atlantic partnership represents a supreme strategic interest for all parties and it is also everyone’s interest to stand with each other to resolve any differences, whatever their nature.” The Secretary-General mentioned.

Source: Kuwait News Agency