Britain welcomes Sudan “historic” power-sharing deal

LONDON, Britain welcomed on Saturday Sudan’s signing of a power-sharing agreement between the ruling Transitional Military Council and the opposition Forces of Freedom and Change as a “historic moment.” After both sides earlier signed the constitutional declaration in Khartoum, they agreed to name a prime minister and an evenly-divided sovereign council over the coming two weeks followed by the announcement of a new cabinet.

Commenting on the development, Britain’s Foreign Office’s Africa Minister Andrew Stephenson commended the deal as a “vital step on the path to a peaceful and democratic future for Sudan.

“The people of Sudan now have the opportunity to secure freedom from repression, instability and hardship,” added the minister in a statement.

He hailed the determination of both parties to reach the deal, and its backing by the African Union and Ethiopia, as mediators.

Stephenson went on to underline the UK’s support of Sudan’s political and economic reforms, and assistance of the country in securing a democratic future.

Source: Kuwait News Agency