Britain will renegotiate Brexit with EU over trade – spokesperson

LONDON, The British government will renegotiate with the European Union (EU) the Brexit draft agreement specially over trade and borders between Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland, a government spokesperson said Tuesday.

Prime Minister Theresa May informed his cabinet members she would discuss with the EU officials if it was possible to make major changes on the draft agreement so it would be approved by the House of Commons, the spokesperson said in a statement.

May believed if she is to get the support of the parliament, said the spokesperson, she must do changes on the Brexit draft agreement regarding trade between Republic of Ireland, which is an EU member, and Northern Ireland, which was part of the United Kingdom.

The British parliament will vote on the alternative Brexit draft agreement after it rejected the first deal last month.

The new text replaces trade and custom mechanism on the Irish borders with other measures that are to be discussed with Brussels.

Source: Kuwait News Agency