KUWAIT, — The Cabinet has deeply “regretted” the International Olympic Committee (IOC)’s deprivation of Kuwaiti athletes from representing their country in Rio Olympic Games.

The IOC’s suspension of Kuwaiti sports has deprived Kuwaiti athletes from vying with their international peers and representing their country in this important international sports event, the Cabinet regretted in a statement following its weekly meeting Monday.

It, however, vowed that the reforms started by the government would not stop despite the offenses and obstacles facing the Kuwaiti sports. The Cabinet urged all relevant Kuwaiti institutions and individuals to close ranks and to prioritize the state interests over any personal interests.

It also called for concerted efforts and cooperation for the development of sports movement in Kuwait. It added that all necessary measures would be taken by relevant authorities to defend Kuwait’s standing.

During the meeting, Minister of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Sheikh Salman Sabah Al-Humoud Al-Sabah briefed the cabinet about the Kuwait’s absence from Rio Olympic Games due to the IOC’s suspension of Kuwaiti sports.

The minister pointed out that the IOC has rebuffed several Kuwaiti demands to lift the suspension and allow Kuwaiti athletes to play under their country’s flag in Rio Olympic Games.

He noted that Kuwait has exerted relentless efforts to lift the suspension but in vain.

The latest attempt was made by a number of Kuwaiti athletes and sports federations when they filed a lawsuit against the IOC’s decision at the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

But, due to the insistence of the representative of Kuwait’s Olympic Committee (on the suspension), the court upheld it, he said.

The minister stated that though Kuwait’s Public Authority for Sports respects the Olympic Charter which allows qualified athletes to compete as Independent Olympic Athletes (IOA) under the Olympic flag, it would only support athletes who compete under the Kuwaiti flag.

Source: Name News Network