CBK governor sounds alarm about cyber fraud

Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) Governor Dr. Mohammad Al-Hashel warned Tuesday that banking awareness-bearing efforts need to continue amid the rapid developments in banking services and relevant risks, most notably, cyber fraud.

Al-Hashel made the warning in a speech addressing a ceremony held to honor distinguished Kuwaiti banks for their efforts in supporting the banking awareness campaign “Diraya” or “Be Aware”.

He underscored that the CBK would spare no effort to disseminate financial and banking awareness and to protect the rights of banks’ customers.

He highly commended the efforts of all Kuwaiti banks in ensuring the success of the campaign and the delivery of its messages to Kuwaiti banking sector’s customers through their digital platforms and social networks.

The governor added that the campaign included activities that contributed to disseminating content to increase public awareness on a range of topics pertinent to financial and banking culture.

The “Diraya” banking awareness campaign was launched at the advent of the year with the participation of all Kuwaiti banks with a view to raising public financial awareness across a wider segment of society

Source: Kuwait News Agency