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China: 118 new coronavirus fatalities

KUWAIT, Feb 21 Chinese authorities announced on Friday that 118 new deaths caused by the fatal coronavirus have been registered.

They also reported 889 confirmed cases in 31 regions, cities and districts throughout the nation.

The National Health Commission (NHC) said in its daily report that number of the deaths rose in the past 24 hours to 2,239 and figure of confirmed cases hit 75,567.

There are 115 deaths in Hubei, central China, A single one in the district of Zhejiang, another in Chongqing and a third in Yunan.

Number of the confirmed cases reached 1,614, the commission said in its report, adding that condition of 231 patients deteriorated, 11,633 remained in critical condition and 18,277 were discharged from hospitals.

The commission has added that it was following up on condition of 606,037 patients who had mingled with infected persons. Among them, 28,804 were released from medical examination but 120,302 others remained under supervision.

In Hong Kong, number of confirmed cases, on Thursday, climbed to 60, including a single fatality. Ten cases were recorded in Macau and 24 in Taiwan including one death.

Five persons were discharged from hospitals in Hong Kong, six left hospitals in Macau and two in Taiwan after recovering.

Source: Kuwait News Agency