Chinese Pres.: Coronavirus most serious health emergency

KUWAIT Chinese President Xi Jinping said Sunday that coronavirus is the most hzarduous public health emergency since the founding of communist China in 1949.

This came during a meeting grouping officials and headed by President Xi Jinping in the Chinese capital Beijing to discuss ways of coordinating how to proceed with combating COVID 19, besides economic and social development, Xinhua News Agency reported.

President Jinping clarified that The Chinese nation stresses unremitting efforts to avoid the spread of COVID19, but the epidemic situation remains complicated.

He also said that China is facing an economic crisis due to the virus spread but they are putting efforts to achieve the economic goals and social developments this year.

The Chinese Health Committee affirmed that in the past 24 hours, more than 77,041 people have been infected with the death toll hitting 2,445 in mainland China.

Source: Kuwait News Agency