CleanEquity® Monaco Partners with The Climate Group

LONDON, Feb. 24, 2015 / PRNewswire — CleanEquity Monaco, hosted by Innovator Capital, is pleased to announce a collaboration with The Climate Group, an award-winning international, not for profit organisation, who’s mission is to inspire and convince leaders at the top of government, business and society to reduce carbon emissions and accelerate the transition to a vibrant low carbon economy.

CleanEquity%20Monaco%202015 CleanEquity® Monaco Partners with The Climate Group

CleanEquity Monaco 2015

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Ben Ferrari, Director of Partnerships at The Climate Group said:

“Low carbon technologies and business models are already demonstrably reducing emissions, and are at the same time promoting economic growth. However we need these technologies to be rapidly upscaled to counteract the worst impacts of climate change and help build a strong sustainable economy.

The Climate Group works with governments and global business leaders to drive the deployment of these technologies, showcase how industry barriers can be overcome, and reshape policy frameworks so that they support innovation and investment.

Events like CleanEquity Monaco are vital to this process, because they help accelerate the transition to a prosperous, low carbon future.”

Presenting Companies

Name                             Country Sector
----                             ------- ------
Algenol Biofuels                 US      Biofuels
----------------                 ---     --------
ArcActive                        NZ      Advanced Batteries
---------                        ---     ------------------
Azotic Technologies              UK      Bioagriculture
-------------------              ---     --------------
Cumulus Energy Storage           UK      Advanced Batteries
----------------------           ---     ------------------
Emefcy                           IL      Water Purification & Filtration
------                           ---     -------------------------------
Ener-Core                        US      Advanced Oxidisers
---------                        ---     ------------------
EnerVault                        US      Advanced Batteries
---------                        ---     ------------------
Frigesco                         UK      Energy Efficiency
--------                         ---     -----------------
Global CSP                       UK      Alternative Energy Resources
----------                       ---     ----------------------------
Green Fuels Research             UK      Bio-aviation Fuel
--------------------             ---     -----------------
Libertine                        UK      High Efficiency Clean Combustion Engine
---------                        ---     ---------------------------------------
Liquid Light                     US      CO2 Sequestration
------------                     ---     -----------------
LUXeXceL                         NL      Optics/Photonics Additive Manufacturing
--------                         ---     ---------------------------------------
Mercatus                         US      Cloud-based SaaS
--------                         ---     ----------------
Microbial Robotics               US      Water Conservation & Management
------------------               ---     -------------------------------
NovoPolymers                     BE      Alternative Energy Resources
------------                     ---     ----------------------------
Nutraceutical & Natural Products CH      Bioagriculture
-------------------------------- ---     --------------
Siqens                           DE      Energy Efficiency
------                           ---     -----------------
Soil-for-life                    UK      Resource Use Monitoring
-------------                    ---     -----------------------
STEELMAXenergy                   GR      Energy Efficiency
--------------                   ---     -----------------
Tessonics                        CA      Advanced Materials
---------                        ---     ------------------
The Nano Membrane Toilet         UK      Water Conservation & Management
------------------------         ---     -------------------------------
TouGas Oilfield Solutions        DE      Freshwater Free Fracking
-------------------------        ---     ------------------------

About CleanEquity Monaco
CleanEquity Monaco is the preeminent global forum where up to 30 of the worlds top emerging cleantech and resource efficiency companies gather to meet specialist financial investors, corporate venturers & acquirers, policy makers, end users and media.
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Innovator Capital Limited
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