Coalition congratulates SDF on clearing Syria’s Al-Dashishah from IS

WASHINGTON, US Central Command on Friday said that the coalition congratulates its Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) partners on the successful clearance of Al-Dashishah, Syria, and the ongoing success of their operations to clear Daesh remnants from northeast Syria. “Daesh” is an Arabic translation for the so-called Islamic State (IS). “The SDF ground offensive, supported by coordinated coalition ground and air strikes and Iraqi cross-border air and artillery strikes, continues south with the objective of liberating the remaining major population centers in the Middle Euphrates River Valley,” the announcement said.

“IS remnants have been further isolated by a strong Iraqi Security Force border presence, preventing the terrorists’ escape from Syria into Iraq,” it added.

“Syrian Democratic Forces have cleared al-Dashishah, and are now progressing in the northern Dayr az Zawr countryside,” said SDF spokesman Kino Gabriel.

“We’ve also made progress in the Middle Euphrates River Valley, advancing on the Hajin frontline, clearing houses, eliminating IS terrorists and dismantling their IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices),” he added.

Source: Kuwait News Agency