Coalition precision strike destroys IS “command” facility in mosque Syria’s Hajin – CENTCOM

WASHINGTON, A Coalition precision strike destroyed a so-called Islamic State (IS) “command and control facility in a mosque” in southern Hajin in Syria, it was announced Saturday.

CENTCOM said in a statement that IS “continues to use protected structures to launch attacks against our Coalition partners with complete disregard for the infrastructure and innocent human lives.” It indicated that at the time of the strike, “this command and control node was occupied by over 16 heavily armed (IS) fighters who were using the structure to command attacks against Coalition partners.” “This strike killed these terrorists who presented an imminent threat, and eliminated another deadly (IS) operational capability from the battlefield,” it stressed.

It affirmed that IS “continues to violate the Law of Armed Conflict and misuse protected structures like hospitals and religious sites, which causes the facility to lose its protected status.” It noted that “despite these tactics, Coalition and partner forces continue to make offensive gains against (IS) with the assistance of Coalition precision strikes.”

Source: Kuwait News Agency