KUWAIT, – Staving off extreme ideologies and protecting youth from its ill effects, requires collective effort, said, on Saturday, President of the Kuwaiti Society for the Ideal Family, Sheikha Fariha Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.

The gruesome sororicidal murder in Kuwait recently, highlighted the dire need of serious action to rid society of malicious thought, Sheikha Fariha said, in a press statement.

Moreover, she also pointed out that, the youth are the most susceptible to extreme ideologies, adding that, it is imperative to extol the virtues of temperate thought.

Speaking on the pervasion of extremism, Sheikha Fariha noted that, society can no longer turn a blind eye to the growth of such ideologies, as she underscored the importance of stifling the spread of these ill thoughts.

Meanwhile, the President of the Kuwaiti Society for the Ideal Family, spoke highly of moral virtues, such as, benevolence and self-restraint, in addition to the eschewal of evil.

She also noted that, it is incumbent upon mothers, to lead their children to the right path, pressing them to instil decorum and morality in their offspring.

Source: Name News Network