Court declares Tshisekedi new Pres. of Congo

RABAT, The Constitutional Court of the Democratic Republic of Congo has settled the dispute of over the results of last month’s presidential election and announcing Felix Tshisekedi election triumph, a judgement rebuffed by front-runner Martin Fayulu.

In its decision, the court rejected Fayulu’s claims of elections fraud and demand for a vote recounting, affirming Tshisekedi won with over seven million votes, or 38 percent, and Fayulu only got 34 percent.

It stressed that Fayulu had provided no conclusive evidence on his claims.

In a first reaction, Fayulu dismissed the court ruling, describing it as “a constitutional coup d’etat”.

He, even, alleged that the court’s decision was a result of a deal between Tshisekedi and outgoing President Joseph Kabila.

Fayulu urged his supporters to hold non-violent protests across the nation and declared himself “the only legitimate president of Congo.

“It’s a secret for no one inside or outside of our country that you have elected me president,” with 60 percent of the votes, he said.

“I now consider myself the only legitimate president of the DRC.” The provisional results, announced on January. 10, showed Tshisekedi winning with a slim margin over Fayulu.

December elections was marred by violence which left scores of people dead and injured.

Many are worried across the world that the rejection of the court ruling could lead to more violence in a country that were repeatedly plagued by conflicts in the past decades.

Source: Kuwait News Agency